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Pocket Change


Welcome to my personal space! Here's a glimpse into the world through my lens and imagination.

This collection of images is a tapestry of my hobbies and interests. Some photos are captured by me, freezing moments of beauty and wonder as seen through my eyes. Others are generated by AI, reflecting my fascination with the endless possibilities of technology. And then, there are those images that may seem random, but each holds a special place in my heart, representing a memory, a dream, or a fleeting thought.

As a young professional deeply passionate about software development and security, I hold a bachelor's honours degree in Computer Science. My journey in this field fuels my desire to write blogs, particularly focusing on topics related to Capture The Flag (CTFs), malware analysis, and software in general. Through these blogs, I aim to share insights, experiences, and discoveries, inviting others to delve into the intricate world of technology alongside me.